Buddha on the Moon

SG-027 - 'Of the Clouds' on Amour, Silver Girl Sampler cassette

Buddha on the Moon was the recording moniker for H.K. Kahng of Houston, Texas. He self-released much of his material through his own Farrago label starting with the Alles Ist Gut! EP in 1993. HK's Broke single and Translucence EP followed in 1994. In 1996, BOTM released Yard Sale and On Holiday. In 1997, HK collaborated with Warren Defever (His Name is Alive) on the Crepe Paper Airplane EP.

Buddha on the Moon's first full-length, Stratospheric, included the song 'Of the Clouds'. We licensed the song for our Amour cassette as it featured Katie Conley (Holiday Flyer) on vocals. 1998 saw the release of BOTM's The Last Autumn Day a collection of various releases