SG-028 - self-titled 6-song 10"

SG-027 - 'Undersea Odyssey' on Amour, A Silver Girl Sampler

Alongside their peers from Chico, California, including Land of the Wee Beasties, Mid-Fi and Vomit Launch, Deathstar produced an enthralling sound and captivating live show.

Deathstar came together following stints with Harvester (Kelly Bauman) and Pitchfork Tuning (Jim Rizutto) as more of a side project (with Ken Lovgren on bass) than a touring combo. Their songwriting and practice sessions grew more intense, and the reactions from audiences bolstered their confidence.

Deathstar started taking their controlled fury to audiences across the nation as well as noodling with both 4- and 8-track recording sessions. Shortly after seeing the band perform at the Superwinners Summer Rock Academy, in 1995, Silver Girl rallied the trio to gather together their tapes for a 10" and the rest is, as they say, 'history'.