The Downslide

CE-01 - 4-song 12"

a. ‘Vicious’ and ‘Orange’
b. ‘Vicious’ (instrumental) and ‘Orange’ (instrumental)

Long before King Rhythm gained notoriety for his mutated drill ‘n’ bass excursions, he was cuttin’ up floors with hiphop. King Rhythm (AKA Franklin Yaker) and his fellow Baltimore, MD resident, MC Voxx, worked collaboratively as The Downslide for several years.

Having been bitten by the drum ‘n’ bass bug about two years ago, King Rhythm has been working diligently on compilation contributions for labels based in the UK and the US. The most recent release of this manic methodology is “Sparkz In Tha Sky” on Evil Teen’s The United States of Drum ‘n’ Bass.

“My brother has always been into dance stuff. I have always been into hip hop, ... My brother had a (jungle) mix tape with hip hop samples all over it - it was something completely new to me....THE BASS!... Now, I have a very nice studio that I'm proud of. I make hip hop, but I never send it out. My first (jungle) tracks were around 145 bpm - for weeks on end I was trying to get the bass alone...messing with low pass filters...I can't make a track without filters. I sent out my first jungle tape and Jungle Sky was into it. I could've had a 12" out on Jungle Sky but I had all these samples in it. The contract said if we get sued, we'll sue you - so I went back and produced tracks with less samples.

Limited pressing of 300 copies.