Gravity Wax

SG-027 - 'Laminar Flow' on Amour, A Silver Girl Sampler

SG-031 - Acoustically Inert Dense Gravity Mechanism 10"
*released 7/1/97, 810 pressed on black vinyl with yellow, blue and brown sleeves

Erik Kassab and John Hardin go all the way back to their high school days in Trenton, MI. Despite moving to different suburbs, their friendship continued to thrive - and music was central to their kinship. By 1994, the duo was crafting atmospheres on Erik’s 8-track machine in his living room, only sharing tapes with close friends also interested in textural drone music. Someone in the close circle of these tapes allowed them to be dubbed and soon enough Gravity Wax’s songs migrated to a number of radio stations without the band’s intent or permission. Several radio DJs then pursued the band for more songs to play on their shows and soon enough John and Erik took another look at their creations...

Ryan (of Fuxa) joined the band on drums to record their first batches of proper songs (following the cassette experiments). WHFR DJ Larry (also of Burnt Hair Records) gathered together their first songs for a 7” release and things went from there. Ryan left the band, to dedicate himself to Fuxa with Randall Niemann, and was replaced by longtime friend/drummer Rob Moon.

Shortly after the release of their first album, Low Energy Particulate, on Mind Expansion, Acoustically Inert Dense Gravity Mechanism reaffirmed Detroit's Gravity Wax's leanings toward moog-dependent space pop while displaying a somber, yet eloquent new direction for the duo. With the 10", John introduced his acoustic guitar playing and his lyrical abilities. Erik's new approaches were couched in his appreciation for the '60s British Invasion as well as Sebadoh, Guided By Voices, Stereolab and Pavement. I think they sound like the Silver Apples personally. Among the highlights of the record was their version the Rolling Stones’ “2,000 Light Years From Home” with the assistance of Randall Niemann (of Fuxa) on guitar.

Toma Coast 7” (Burnt Hair)
split 7” with Fuxa (Mind Expansion)
split 7” with Tunic (100 Guitar Mania)
Low Energy Particulate CD (Mind Expansion)