Holiday Flyer

SG-021 - Try Not To Worry CD

SG-030 - Rainbow Confection CD

Try Not Worry:
Fourteen songs of love and friendship played in the most optimistic style of guitar strumming, bass picking, cello gliding, and drum whisking possible. The vocals will sweep you up and carry you off to distant lands where smiles win wars, and tenderness is rewarded in Olympic events. Stunning in its sincere beauty.

Rainbow Confection:
Holiday Flyer’s extensive releases have been gobbled up by fans of micro-label pop for the past few years since they began recording a string of self-released cassettes. This Sacramento, CA -based trio of siblings John and Katie Conley, and Verna Brock (formerly of Slumberland recording artists Rocketship, and her solo project Beanpole ) have now made available their second album of emotionally-charged, intensely personal and wildly enigmatic songs. As with their debut album, Try Not To Worry, The Rainbow Confection was recorded at Sacramento’s Enharmonik Studios, the home of Heckler Magazine, Tinfed-member and producer extraordinaire Eric Stenman and a legacy of recorded output by the likes of Vomit Launch. Recorded and mixed inside a few days of studio time, The Rainbow Confection catapults Holiday Flyer into an other-worldy dimension of pop song craft and story telling. The addition of flute, piano and trombone to their latest batch of songs creates a tenderness even Try Not to Worry didn’t yield.

Here’s some quotes to prove we are not alone in our admiration and respect for Holiday Flyer’s craft:
Alternative Press - “Simply put, a stunning, glorious record.”
Caught In Flux - “Comforting like a cup of hot chocolate...on a drizzly weekend morning.”
Copacetic - “It has been a long time since a band has captured my heart like they have with their beautiful melodies and elegant songs.”
Giant Robot - “A solid album filled with pop classics.”
Heckler - “One of the coolest most original musical outfits I’ve seen.”
Impact - “If there is such a thing as a masterpiece in music, this album has attained such a title.”
Ink 19 - “Absolutely unbelievably perfect in every way.”
Pop Watch - “...cleansed of irrelevant electricity and textures so they can stand with sad pride in the inaudible shadows of Veronica Lake and Blueboy.”
Spank - “Is it legal for people to make records so carefully filled with such gorgeous, melodic songs that are smothered with enough love to make the world go ‘round?”