Jet'aime, Silver Girl Compilation

SG-014 cassette compilation

Jet'aime was the first of our three cassette samplers. Amour and Mon Ami followed.

1 Fluf 'Entire' (b-side to SG-012 24-7 Years 7")

2. Hula Hoop 'Blues from a Vaseline Gun' (from their My Sweet Amputee LP)

3. Laurels 'Motor Mouth' (4-track demo that preceded SG-011 Motor Mouth 7")

4. Stigmata A Go Go 'Pedal' (b-side to SG-010 Cyclone Rider 7")

5. Everready 'X-You' (from the same sessions that produced SG-001 Getting Smarter 7")

6. The Drift 'Drive' (b-side to SG-017 She Lets Go 7")

7. Baboon 'Why'd You Say Die?' (b-side to SG-008 Tool 7")

8. Gapeseed 'Thunder Tongue' (b-side to SG-007 Flanzer 7")

9. The Summer Hits 'Laetitia' (a-side to SG-016 1000 Moments of Natural Flotation 7")

10. The Laurens 'My Life' (from the same sessions that produced SG-009 split 7" with All About Chad)