IQ-006 'Terror on the Streets' 12"
'The Howling' b/w 'One' and 'Axis (low level mix)'
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IQ-009 '5th Dimension' b/w 'Feel' 12"
Limited Pressing of 500 SOLD OUT

IQ-010 Solid Liquid Gas 'Robbery in Progress' (Keltech Remix) b/w 'Fisticuff Drums' (Keltech Remix) 12"
Limited Pressing of 500 SOLD OUT

Leaving behind the acid house, hardcore and techno days of the early '90s as well as his Critical Adjustment moniker, Keltech embraced the cold weather of Cardiff, UK with cold Cubase beats. These tracky, tech-steppers filled with unique sampling set this UK producer apart from the London scene.

Keltech (Lloyd Morgan) was bitten by the drum 'n' bass bug in 1990 when he found himself inspired by hardcore/DnB mixtapes that had defined his (and the UK's) progression away from techno and acid house that had dominated the underground scene in the late '80s.

Lloyd recounted, "In '92 I bought myself some really crap decks and taught myself how to mix. Because the scene was still very new in the UK, there weren't many local raves which I could DJ at so I decided to organize my own events. Admittedly, these were small venues with only about 40 - 50 people, but they were really energizing. These early gigs were great; loud music and free printed T-shirts. We all chipped in to buy some lighting and two 15" bass speakers and that was the extent of our infrastructure to get people around the hardcore tunes we played (with plenty of "Amen" breaks to really kill off the ravers)."

"I DJ'd at DnB clubs in the city that would get shut down as soon as they started up due to violence breaking out," further recalled Lloyd.

Lloyd decided to start making his own tunes on an Amiga computer, spending hours and hours everyday experimenting on a low budget. "I spent all my time in the studio, never going out, just working and working. After a few years of using my equipment, I started to send off demos to those same geeky music mags I used to read," laughed Lloyd.

Lloyd launched one of the first websites for drum 'n' bass producers - making available his secrets and samples to a wider audience. With exclusive production tips, and free samples he engineered himself, the site became a critical and popular success overnight. Among the visitors to his site was the band Prodigy who spread the word - leading to Lloyd's alter-ego, Critical Adjustment, releasing a handful of 12"s.