Poem Rocket

SG-027 - 'Deus Absconditus' on Mon Ami, A Silver Girl Collection cassette

Formed in 1992, Poem Rocket currently consists of Michael Peters (vocals, guitar, songwriting), Sandra Gardner (vocals, bass, songwriting) and Peter Gordon (drums). Originally a quartet with Dennis Bass also on guitar, Poem Rocket had a string of drummers including William Sin (Seam).

The band started off by releasing 7" singles and a 10" EP. Songs from these releases were compiled on the Felix Culpa compilation CD in 1995. The band's debut album, Inifinite Retry On Parallel Time-Out, was released in 1998 on PCP Entertainment.

After heavy touring in 1995-1996, Dennis Bass departed, leaving the band as a three-piece. Drummer Andrew Nelson stayed until 1998 after he threw his drum kit at the audience at the end of a set in Atlanta Georgia. Peter Gordon of Gapeseed then replaced Nelson on drums.