IQ-04 'Magnetic Sense' b/w 'Screamin Paris' 12"

Kevin, or ‘K.Ce.’ as he was known to his friends, produced and mixed his (as Serpico) and others’ tracks for years from his Didsbury studio on the outskirts of Manchester. At the time of our meeting, in 1998, he resided in a 300-year old abandoned residence – where he, along with 3 other drum ‘n’ bass producers (one on each floor) squatted. Leveraging borrowed electricity from a neighboring line, this unique collective was engaged full-time in in layering fierce basslines atop swift breaks.

On the north bank of the Mersey, amidst the smell of freshly brewed coffee and recently extinguished weed, Kevin moved like a cat from his futon across the studio to the kitchen. He failed to find it odd that he made his home in the tight space between a mixing desk and a Cubase-equipped Atari. Scattered piles of dubplates, white labels, empty beer bottles, electronic gear and party flyers carpeted the floor.

Kevin’s remixes for Denise Johnson (his 'Inner Peace' Cat Danger Mix was released on Hologram) and Smallstone Disciple (his 'Cyberfunk' Science Mix was released on Lo-Fi Recordings in 2000) under the moniker K.Ce. had garnered rave reviews from producers, labels and DJs. Sidestepping the metallic sounds of post-apocalyptic tech-step (we attended a Renegade Hardware night in Manchester during my visit), Kevin was transfixed on creating an environment enveloping the club environment in stabbing distorted bass and crashing quicksilver breaks as Serpico.

The ‘Didsbury Massive’ saw a variety of releases by KTB and Utopian - not to mention Serpico’s fantastic track, ‘Funky Shit’, on a split 12” with Gene Stealers on Prohibition Recordingz (PHB—008) released in April 1998).

Serpico’s production assistance for Utopian was released as IQ-005 HERE.

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