Solid Liquid Gas

IQ-03 Solid Liquid Gas 'Fisticuff Drums' b/w 'Robbery in Progress' 12"
Limited Pressing of 500 SOLD OUT

IQ-10 Solid Liquid Gas 'Robbery in Progress' (Keltech Remix) b/w 'Fisticuff Drums' (Keltech Remix)
Limited Pressing of 500 SOLD OUT

Producer and label owner Keith York released two of his 12"s on Intelligent under the moniker Solid Liquid Gas. With IQ-03, Keith worked with DJ Stratus (AKA Teknoman) at his Breakbeat Studios in San Diego. The result was a mix of breakbeat, hip hop and jump up littered with samples from Eric B. & Rakim and King Tee.

While working on two other Intelligent releases, Keltech offered to remix IQ-03 after the initial pressing flew out the door, and we were very delighted with the outcome!