The Suburban Teen Allstars

SG-022 - 'Little Radars' on Mon Ami, A Silver Girl Collection cassette compilation

We first witnessed the Spacemen 3 like music of San Jose's The Jazzmen around 1990 and held onto their cassette release well past their dissolution in 1994. Keeping in touch with Saucer (vocals) and R.S. Floater (drums), once The Suburban Teen Allstars had recorded music we jumped at the opportunity to release 'Little Radars' on our Mon Ami cassette.

Warren Hauff's The Suburban Teen Allstars project released one 7", on 1st Woo Records in 1994, and disappeared without a trace. Former member of The Jazzmen and Suburban Teen Allstars resurfaced in San Jose as DC to Daylight with the release of their Xmas Murder '74 EP on Urban Cheese Records.