The Red Channels

SG-039 - self-titled CD

The Red Channels were a highly unique experimental pop outfit based in Portland. Starting out as a duo (of Ryan Block and Elaine Azari) in Oklahoma City, recording this album, followed their travels as well as changes in personnel between 2002-2003.

Following the release of their debut 7" ('Cling to None' b/w 'Cut Your Tongue') in 2002, Ryan focused his efforts on guitars and drums, and Elaine invested herself in keys and vocals, before The Red Channels recruited Anne Marie to play violin and Joel Rasmussen on bass, trumpet and additional vocals.

Of the record, Hutch said "...The Red Channels' self-titled album is an ambitious one, deserving of any and all respectable ears open and patient enough to endure the barrage..."

Delusions of Adequacy stated, "...a piece of work this challenging to the senses has a value of its own as it pushes the limits of what an audience perceives as being listenable."