Veronica Lake

SG-005 - 'Emma Maybe' on Winters Mist compilation 7"

Veronica Lake was comprised of Tim Sendra, Chip Porter and Scott Kelly. They were from Ann Arbor, Mi. Vocalist Pam Berry (Black Tambourine, The Shapiros) joined in on some releases. Tim went on to form Madison Electric and Chip launched the moniker Esme's Symphony. Tim's brother, Scott Sendra, was in a great band - Down - that paralleled the early Veronica Lake sessions as well.

'Insecure Baby' b/w 'When you Smile' 7" (SpinArt)
The Man Who Was Not With It 7" (Bus Stop)
Veronica Lake / Crayon split 7" (Cher Doll)
'Threnody' b/w 'In the Clouds' 7" (Audrey's Diary)
Bratmobile / Veronica Lake split 7" (Simple Machines)
V. Lake Symphony Presents... Two for the Price of One compilation 7" (Audrey's Diary)