Winters Mist (Volume 1)

SG-005 - 4-band, 4-song 7" compilation

1. Veronica Lake 'Emma Maybe'
Veronica Lake was comprised of Tim Sendra, Chip Porter and Scott Kelly. They were from Ann Arbor, Mi. With vocalist Pam Berry they became The Shapiros.

2. The Serenas 'Come Back Kitty Cat!'
The Serenas hailed from San Francisco and later recorded as The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower.

3. Huck 'Wavin' My Arms in the Air'
Huck was among Allen Clapp's earliest incarnations. He lived in Redwood City, California at the time of this recording.

4. Snowball 'Water Boatman'
Snowball was from San Jose, and later recorded as Jupiter Sun for Slumberland and Parasol labels.