I launched Intelligent Recordings to host my drum 'n' bass DJ sets, as well as producing and recording in the genre. All of these 12"s were released in small batches and sold out quickly.

IQ-001 T.H.C. 'Darjeeling' 12"
Los Angele producer George Sarah launched the label with this, his debut drum 'n' bass 12". Piano, strings and a rolling break made this a memorable release.

IQ-002 T.H.C. 'Blue Wave' 12"
George Sarah returned to the label for a second 12" with a quicker, fierce bassline

IQ-03 Solid Liquid Gas 'Fisticuff Drums' b/w 'Robbery in Progress' 12"
Producer and label owner, Keith York, served up his debut 12" by crossing breakbeat and jump-up

IQ-004 Serpico 'Magnetic Sense' 12"
Manchester producer K.Ce debuted with a nod to Ed Rush's 'Technology' 12"

IQ-005 Utopian 'Resonant Evil' b/w 'Blue Acid' 12"
Producer Kelynge Easthope, of Manchester UK, debuted with an acid-tinged 303 roller.

IQ-006 Keltech 'Terror on the Streets' 12"
Producer Lloyd Morgan of Cardiff (UK) debuted on Intelligent with a unique tech-step platter.

IQ-007 Kojak 'Zodiac' b/w 'Momentum' 12"
Upon arriving in San Diego from St. Louis, Kojak debuted with this single.

IQ-008 Tom B. 'Stomper' b/w 'Liquid Bass' 12"
Leaving his Soul Hypnotist moniker for drum 'n' bass, Tom's debut for Intelligent kicked off something special for the young producer.

IQ-009 Keltech '5th Dimension' b/w 'Feel' 12"
Lloyd Morgan returned with a couple of fierce tracks.

IQ-010 Solid Liquid Gas 'Robbery in Progress' (Keltech Remix) b/w 'Fisticuff Drums' (Keltech Remix) 12"
Producer Lloyd Morgan teamed up with Keith York to attack IQ-003 head on.

IQ-011 IQ Mixup CDR
DJ Peacemaker's mix of the entire catalog was the capstone project for Intelligent.