Thursday, April 14 2016

ABOVE: Rex Thompson prepping for The Summer Hits performance at Superwinners in Chico, CA in August 1995. Rex is pictured here with Brent Rademaker (Shadowland, Further, Beachwood Sparks, The Tyde) helping with the gig.

My old friend Doug Mosurock just penned a piece for NPR HERE on The Summer Hits' Beaches and Canyons 1992-96 LP in advance of this Saturday's 2016 Record Store Day!

Wednesday, February 17 2016

Medical Records is reissuing The Summer Hits' Beaches and Canyons 1992-96 on LP for 2016 Record Store Day! More information is HERE.

Thursday, January 28 2016

Picture Above (L-R) Red Dye No.5 bassist James Reader, guitarist Patrick Padilla and me

As With the LPs having just arrived from the pressing plant, I wanted to share the first copies with the band. I am taking pre-orders HERE as the release date of this very limited LP, is still TBD.

Saturday, January 2 2016

As you read in the press that LCD Soundsytem is reuniting to play at Coachella later this year, consider that James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem) produced Ruby Falls' Heroines for us years ago.

Monday, November 30 2015

Some time ago, a member of Red Dye No. 5 burned me the CD for what was then going to be titled 'Sugartime'. The CDR held 14 songs recorded at Fort Apache Studios by Tim O'Heir in 1996. These songs and others will be offered on the upcoming LP. The vinyl will be very limited - with your choice of black 180 gram vinyl or a red translucent platter. They will be arriving soon...

Friday, November 13 2015

(L-R) Keith (wearing a The Drift t-shirt), Paul (wearing an Unrest 'Isabel Bishop' t-shirt) and Rex (wearing puka shells) in Chico.

Thursday, November 12 2015

The post-gig bloodied hands of Tarterex (AKA Rex Thompson) of The Summer Hits.

Wednesday, November 11 2015

Keely Chanteloup (left) and Marc Bianchi (right) of Her Space Holiday on my back patio. They opened up for American Analog Set on July 11, 2002 and spent the night at my place. While I haven't seen Keely since this photo was taken, I was gratified to get an update on her life HERE. As for Marc, we lost touch not long after he released Manic Expressive. I am the voice of the track 'Spectator Sport'...something few people know. I cherished my relationship with Marc from his early cassette experiments through his amazing musical career. I miss him. Apparently he has new music HERE.

Tuesday, November 10 2015

Katie on the kit..Holiday Flyer unknown.

Monday, November 9 2015

Rex Thompson on bass...The Summer Hits playing live, in August '95.

Sunday, November 8 2015

The Summer Hits playing live, in August 1995, at the Superwinners Summer Rock Academy in Chico, CA. Rex's bass playing antics leds to bloody hands and a bloody bass guitar (pics to come soon).

Saturday, November 7 2015

Sportsguitar (and me holding up a cactus while wearing a Drag City Records t-shirt) during one of their San Diego stayovers. During this trip we agreed to license their song 'Filthy', for Amour, Silver Girl Sampler.

Friday, November 6 2015

Back in August, 1995 Paul and I headed up to Chico to attend the 3-day music festival - The Superwinners Summer Rock Academy produced by Conrad Harris-Nystrom (The Vertels, West By Swan) and Jason Cassidy (Pep Rally, Kick 'em, Cowboy). Cassidy and Harris-Nystrom organized hosted us on their couch and organized 60-plus bands including S.F. Seals, Karp, Land of the Wee Beasties, Mid-Fi, Poundsign, Pee, New Bad Things, Mecca Normal, Poastal, The Imps, Knapsack and others including a host of Silver Girl bands (Baboon, Track Star, Deathstar, Retriever, The Summer Hits, Red Dye No.5, Retriever and Holiday Flyer). Among the highlights was meeting Doug Shepard (pictured above on guitar).

Thursday, November 5 2015

Track Star playing live at No Life Records in West Hollywood circa 1995/96 only months before they shut their doors for good (in 1998).

Wednesday, November 4 2015

Red Dye No.5 playing live at (what was then) either Brick by Brick or The Spirit Club in San Diego, CA. Flanking Lisah, doing his Peter Hook homage is James Reader, while Patrick Padilla is on the right playing the 6-string. The Red Dye No.5 LP should be here soon!

Tuesday, November 3 2015

Back in 1995, following our initial meeting with Ruby Falls in NYC, we headed down to Providence, RI to see Laurels and Gapeseed share a bill. Above is a photo of Gapeseed from that show (Ed is in the foreground on guitar, Mike is to the right on bass, and Peter - who now plays with Poem Rocket - on drums.

Monday, November 2 2015

I recall Paul and I driving up to San Francisco (perhaps we flew) and this is how we were greeted. San Jose resident Clint Barnes had a sense of humor with this t-shirt he whipped up that afternoon to make our visit memorable. Clint was instrumental in helping us release both Winters Mist compilation 7"s in addition to his fanzines Four Letter Words, Amish Ways and Bliss.

Sunday, November 1 2015

Above is a photo taken when Paul and I traveled to Louisville, KY to hang out with Hula Hoop. This live shot is from the private live performance they held for us in their practice space. That's Eric Stoess on the left, Chuck Geisler (sporting a Silver Girl t-shirt) on the right and Stephen Jones on drums. Read more about that era of the band HERE.

Saturday, October 31 2015

Above is a photo of Laurels drummer John Masterson playing live at The Casbah in San Diego during one of their tours. That was a fantastic show!

Friday, October 30 2015

Above is a photo of Holiday Flyer in Los Angeles (I think). Drummer Katie was sporting a Silver Girl t-shirt as she brushed the snare adjacent to Verna Brock on cello. John is strumming in the foreground. Oh the memories!

Thursday, October 29 2015

Above is a photo taken somewhere around 1994 in Sacramento. If memory serves, Situation 5 (Gary and Toby above) opened for Holiday Flyer that night. Prior to the duo breaking up, we were able to get the track 'Guts' for our Mon Ami cassette. I think they released on cassette 'Katie's Dream' before they ended it. Holiday Flyer later covered this song on their You Make Us Go CD.

Wednesday, October 28 2015

Listen to Denton, Texas' Baboon perform 'Sucker' HERE. This was a favorite song of ours from the same era as their Silver Girl Records 7".

Tuesday, October 27 2015

Drum 'n' Bass producer Tom B. released his 12" single 'Stomper' on our Intelligent Recordings what feels like decades ago. HERE is what Tom is up to these days.

Monday, October 26 2015

Listen to The Dufflecoats' 'Don't See Me Soon' off the Winter's Mist 2 7" compilation we released HERE. The Dufflecoats formed in Alsager, UK around the duo of Marion and George who shared vocal duties. The band made a number of compilation and 7" appearances on labels like Gut and Waaaaah! Marion was also the singer/guitarist in The Applicants and the line-up also included members (and ex-members) of the Creation Records band Adorable. Also check out the band's songs 'motorbikesong' HERE and 'Sunny Tuesday Afternoon' HERE.

Sunday, October 25 2015

Watch Fluf perform '24-7 Years' live at The Casbah HERE during their 20th Anniversary performance in 2013. O wrote the song the day he learned that Kurt Cobain had died and dedicated the song to him. We released the single a few weeks later...

Saturday, October 24 2015

A fan created a unique video to accompany Track Star's 'The View From Space' from the Sometimes, What's the Difference 10" we released years ago HERE. This song will be included in the upcoming retrospective...

Friday, October 23 2015

Gravity Fuxa was a short-lived collaboration between Gravity Wax (Silver Girl) and Fuxa (Mind Expansion). Listen to a rarity as played on the Detroit radio show Life According to Larry on WHFR HERE.

Thursday, October 22 2015

Silver Girl Records introduced a lot of bands to each other over the years. The Bitters was an example of Slowcoach and Dewey Defeats Truman collaborating after they met and shared a stage or two. Bob Slowcoach's label Pacific Rock Records released a very limited 7" of the band that hosted 2 guitarists, 2 bass players, 2 drummers and 4 singers. Hear more HERE.

Wednesday, October 21 2015

Listen to Hula Hoop's 'Dreamsicle '95' off The Loveliest Ring of Saturn CD (1995) we released HERE. The earlier version of 'Dreamsicle' was the b-side of the 'Butterfingered' 7" we released. We still have copies of this CD in original shrinkwrap if you are looking for a copy.

Tuesday, October 20 2015

Listen to Fluf covering The Spinanes' song 'Entire' from the 7" we released in 1994 HERE.

Monday, October 19 2015

A.M. Vibe released their self-titled debut album on Silver Girl back in 2003. At the same time, they struck a deal to release the CD on ToneVendor in Japan. Above is the sleeve for the Japanese version of the CD.

Sunday, October 18 2015

Listen to Sportsguitar's 'Gong Gong' HERE. Back in the late 1990s Sportsguitar stayed with us in our North Park rental while they toured the West Coast. While we were only able to secure one track, 'Filthy', for one our cassette compilations - Amour, Silver Girl Sampler. These Matador recording artists were the hottest thing from Switzerland, and we swooned at every live show. Probably on that same tour, they played in Atlanta. You can watch that show HERE.

Saturday, October 17 2015

Listen to The Summer Hits' 'Groovier Drugs' HERE. Back in 1995, Paul and I were extremely pleased to have made friends with Rex, Josh and Darren - The Summer Hits. Widely known (at least in our circles) for finding a unique space between The Beach Boys and My Bloody Valentine, The Summer Hits were among the most distinct bands we had ever encountered as music fans. The songs on the 1000 Moments of Natural Flotation 7" were later released on Further's X-mas label on their CD Beaches and Canyons 1992-1996. Until I post more on the band, enjoy other songs from the CD - including 'California Summer' HERE; 'Beaches and Canyons' HERE; and 'Stony Creation' HERE.

Friday, October 16 2015

Listen to Spare Snare's 'Clutch Me Now' HERE. Scottish friend Jan Burnett contributed 'Clutch Me Now' to our Amour, Silver Girl Sampler cassette and later re-released it on his Love Your Early Stuff album via the Che label. For a time Jan and I were discussing the possibilities of US touring and releasing his material stateside...oh those were the days!

Thursday, October 15 2015

Listen to an early version of Retriever's 'Zenith' HERE. This version was from the time Kevin Castillo was releasing his self-recorded cassettes - a fantastic time to meet him and witness his songwriting. For their CD, the band re-recorded the song HERE. Kevin put together a band to support recording and touring around his songs and ultimately folded the project after vinyl and CD releases. Kevin, and Retriever bandmate Bob Penn went on to launch The Coco B's (with two longtime friends Joe Rivera and Jeff Randall who had played with Retriever near the end of the band's run).

Wednesday, October 14 2015

Listen to 'Fairplay' by Everready HERE. It was 22 years ago that I released this 7" that launched the label. It continues to occupy a special place in my life. Recently I have uncovered the rest of the recording sessions - unreleased versions of these and other songs. I will post them in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, October 13 2015

Listen to 'Of the Clouds' by Buddha on the Moon HERE. Buddha on the Moon's first full-length, Stratospheric, included the song - so we licensed it for our Amour, Silver Girl Sampler cassette as it featured Katie Conley (Holiday Flyer) on vocals.

Monday, October 12 2015

In the years leading up to our outreach to Jeff Toste, of Laurels, we were simply fans buying the records he self-released on Heparin. Their first LP, Neck, still included 'The' before he reduced the band's name to Laurels. You can listen to the full LP HERE.

Sunday, October 11 2015

Listen to Veronica Lake's 'Threnody' HERE. Among my favorite Veronica Lake songs, this one includes Pam Berry (Black Tambourine, The Shapiros) joining Tim Sendra, Chip Porter and Scott Kelly on vocals. An early Veronica Lake track can be found on Winters Mist.

Saturday, October 10 2015

Listen to Stigmata A Go Go's 'Riotkeeper' HERE. This song was among the demos they sent us to consider when we were prepping the 'Cyclone Rider' 7" for release. 'Riotkeeper' ended up on their LP It's All True instead.

Friday, October 9 2015

Listen to Kill Me Tomorrow's 'Lawn' off their Chrome Yellow CD (on Silver Girl) HERE.

Thursday, October 8 2015

Listen to Allen Clapp's 'Snow in the Sun' (released about the same time as our Winters Mist compilation 7"s) HERE.

Wednesday, October 7 2015

Listen to Buck 09's 'I Don't Seem To Care' from their Silver Girl 7" (and later released on their Songs in the Key of Bree album) HERE.

Tuesday, October 6 2015

Watch the French band Meek performing 'Necklace' from our Winters Mist Volume 2 7" compilation HERE.

Monday, October 5 2015

Watch AM Vibe performing 'Everyone's Laughing'' (from their self-titled CD on Silver Girl) at the Belly Up Tavern back in 2009 HERE.

Sunday, October 4 2015

Here's a first look at the art for the upcoming Red Dye No. 5 retrospective LP and digital bonus tracks.

Saturday, October 3 2015

Send any/all inquiries to me at Keith York / Silver Girl Records, 5503 Dorothy Drive, San Diego, CA 92115 USA or via email at

Friday, October 2 2015

Watch Soft Science's video for 'Light' HERE and their video for 'Feel' HERE.

Thursday, October 1 2015

Katie from Holiday Flyer now sings for Soft Science. Learn more about them HERE.

Wednesday, September 30 2015

Let me know if you are looking for any past recordings - I do have some inventory of several releases remaining. Drop me a line HERE.

Tuesday, September 29 2015

Red Dye No.5's - Lisah, James, Scott and Patrick circa 1996. LP of unreleased material is coming out soon.

Monday, September 28 2015

I am putting a copy of Holiday Flyer's CD 'Try Not To Worry' on Ebay to see if folks are still looking for copies. Still in original shrinkwrap! Drop me a line HERE.

Sunday, September 27 2015

Track Star retrospective LP/CD/Digital is coming soon. All the songs are assembled and mastered.
Artwork is in progress - including the above image.

Saturday, September 26 2015

Somebody posted a video of them playing Gapeseed's 'Flanzer' 7" on their hi-fi HERE.

Friday, September 25 2015

Listen to Holiday Flyer's 'Every Day I Get to See You' HERE.

Thursday, September 24 2015

Check out this video of All About Chad playing "Paint Peel" live at Luna Lounge HERE.

Wednesday, September 23 2015

Listen to His Name is Alive playing 'Dirt Eaters' HERE. When HNIA's Warren Defever sent us The Dirt Eaters' track 'Cheek' for ourAmour, Silver Girl Sampler cassette, the band was comprised of him, Karen Neal and Melissa Elliott.

Tuesday, September 22 2015

Listen to Ruby Falls' track 'Dusty' from the Half Cocked LP HERE.

Monday, September 21 2015

Listen to 'Sea Song' by AM Vibe HERE.

Sunday, September 20 2015

Listen to Red Dye No.5's 'Not Again You' HERE. This song will be featured in their upcoming LP.

Saturday, September 19 2015

Listen to Red Dye No.5's 'Green Ranch' HERE. This song will be featured in their upcoming LP.

Friday, September 18 2015

Listen to Red Dye No.5's 'Hope' HERE. This song will be featured in their upcoming LP.

Thursday, September 17 2015

Listen to Red Dye No.5's 'Redo' from Pop American Style HERE. This song will be featured in their upcoming LP.

Wednesday, September 16 2015

Watch Baboon perform 'Why'd You Say Die?' from their Silver Girl Records 7" HERE.

Tuesday, September 15 2015

Listen to T.H.C's 'Blue Wave' from his 12" on Intelligent Recordings HERE.

Monday, September 14 2015

Listen to Chong Marker's track 'Cover' from the These are Testing Times (555) HERE.

Sunday, September 13 2015

Listen to Kill Me Tomorrow's 'Liaison' off the Chrome Yellow CD we released HERE.