Friday, October 9 2015

Listen to Kill Me Tomorrow's 'Lawn' off their Chrome Yellow CD HERE.

Thursday, October 8 2015

Listen to Allen Clapp's 'Snow in the Sun' (released about the same time as our Winters Mist compilation 7"s) HERE.

Wednesday, October 7 2015

Listen to Buck 09's 'I Don't Seem To Care' from their Silver Girl 7" (and later released on their 'Songs in the Key of Bree' album) HERE.

Tuesday, October 6 2015

Watch the French band Meek performing 'Necklace' from our Winters Mist Volume 2 7" compilation HERE.

Monday, October 5 2015

Watch AM Vibe performing 'Everyone's Laughing'' at the Belly Up Tavern back in 2009 HERE.

Sunday, October 4 2015

Here's a first look at the art for the upcoming Red Dye No. 5 retrospective LP and digital bonus tracks.

Saturday, October 3 2015

Send any/all inquiries to me at Keith York / Silver Girl Records, 5503 Dorothy Drive, San Diego, CA 92115 USA or via email at

Friday, October 2 2015

Watch Soft Science's video for 'Light' HERE and their video for 'Feel' HERE.

Thursday, October 1 2015

Katie from Holiday Flyer now sings for Soft Science. Learn more about them HERE.

Wednesday, September 30 2015

Let me know if you are looking for any past recordings - I do have some inventory of several releases remaining. Drop me a line HERE.

Tuesday, September 29 2015

Red Dye No.5's - Lisah, James, Scott and Patrick circa 1996. LP of unreleased material is coming out soon.

Monday, September 28 2015

I am putting a copy of Holiday Flyer's CD 'Try Not To Worry' on Ebay to see if folks are still looking for copies. Still in original shrinkwrap! Drop me a line HERE.

Sunday, September 27 2015

Track Star retrospective LP/CD/Digital is coming soon. All the songs are assembled and mastered.
Artwork is in progress - including the above image.

Saturday, September 26 2015

Somebody posted a video of someone playing Gapeseed's 'Flanzer' 7" on their hi-fi HERE.

Friday, September 25 2015

Listen to Holiday Flyer's 'Every Day I Get to See You' HERE.

Thursday, September 24 2015

Check out this video of All About Chad playing "Paint Peel" live at Luna Lounge HERE.

Wednesday, September 23 2015

Listen to His Name is Alive playing 'Dirt Eaters' HERE. When HNIA's Warren Defever sent us The Dirt Eaters' track 'Cheek' for our 'Amour' cassette, the band was comprised of him, Karen Neal and Melissa Elliott.

Tuesday, September 22 2015

Listen to Ruby Falls' track 'Dusty' from the Half Cocked LP HERE.

Monday, September 21 2015

Listen to 'Sea Song' by AM Vibe HERE.

Sunday, September 20 2015

Listen to Red Dye No.5's 'Not Again You' HERE.

Saturday, September 19 2015

Listen to Red Dye No.5's 'Green Ranch' HERE.

Friday, September 18 2015

Listen to Red Dye No.5's 'Hope' HERE.

Thursday, September 17 2015

Listen to Red Dye No.5's 'Redo' from Pop American Style HERE.

Wednesday, September 16 2015

Watch Baboon perform 'Why'd You Say Die?' from the Silver Girl Records 7" HERE.

Tuesday, September 15 2015

Listen to T.H.C's 'Blue Wave' from his 12" on Intelligent Recordings HERE.

Monday, September 14 2015

Listen to Chong Marker's track 'Cover' from the These are Testing Times (555) HERE.

Sunday, September 13 2015

Listen to Kill Me Tomorrow's 'Liaison' off their Chrome Yellow CD HERE.