Allen Clapp

SG-005 - As Huck, 'Wavin' My Arms' on Winters Mist compilation 7"

SG-018 - As Allen Clapp, 'A Change in the Weather' on Winters Mist 2 7"

SG-018 - As The Love Bandits, 'Love Bandits Theme' on Winters Mist 2 7"

Following their roles in The Batmen and The Morsels (with Maz Katthuah and Larry Winther who formed The Mummies), Allen Clapp and bandmate Chris Boyke formed The Goodfellows. When The Goodfellows added bass player Neal Trembath (Pullman), drummer Tom Freeman (The Muskrats) and harmonica player Juliet Pries, they gigged for a short while as Huck. Thereafter, Clapp recorded under his own name as well as Allen Clapp & His Orchestra.