Hula Hoop

SG-013 - 'Butterfingered' b/w 'Dreamsicle' 7"

SG-014 - 'Blues from a Vaseline Gun' on Jet'aime, Silver Girl Compilationcassette compilation

SG-023 - The Loveliest Ring of Saturn CD

SG-022 - 'Sorry' on Mon Ami, A Silver Girl Collection cassette compilation

SG-027 - 'The 20th Black Hole' on Amour, A Silver Girl Sampler cassette compilation

For years we were Hula Hoop fans - buying their records and reading about them in fanzines. When we reached out to to the Louisville quartet, were delighted to learn how approachable they were - a multiyear friendship began. We travelled to Louisville, released their music and history was made.

With Rachel Grimes (Rachels) on bass, the Butterfingered single proved the Kentucky crew was destined for success. The A-side was a different version of the song they recorded originally as a Peel Session, while the B-side explored similar territory as Stereolab.

The Loveliest Ring of Saturn was recorded in Steve Albini's basement by Bob Weston (Shellac, Volcano Suns). The album exhibited the finest pop songwriting from the heart of the country: songs from the capital city of horse racing about midgets, planets, Tom Waits, alchohol and love.

Across all of our releases, Rachel Grimes (of Rachels) played bass, Chuck Geisler and Eric Stoess (also of Hulaboy) switch hit on guitar and vocals and Stephen Jones pounded hard on his drums.

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