Kill Me Tomorrow

SG-036 Chrome Yellow - 10-song CD

Kill Me Tomorrow began in 1995 when K8 and Zack met through a friend in Portland, Oregon.  Their mutual obsession with the Velvet Underground, Joy Division and Beat Happening inspired them to start a lo-fi, pop project that stayed in the bedroom until they were prompted to play out by friends a few years later.  Through their popular live shows and the distribution of their homemade tapes they came to the attention of Kat Records who released their debut 7".  Soon thereafter KMT was featured on the Drive Thru Records compilation "Where's the Beef?" (featuring works by Chris Knox, the Get Up Kids, the Wrens, Bracket and Weezer side-project the Space Twins). 

K8 and Zack relocated to San Diego, California.  Following the accumulation of dozens of effects pedals and the well-received Happy First CD (Bad Ice Cream Recordings) they settled on the stripped-down trio of Zack on percussion, electronics and most lead vocals, K8 on vocals and bass and Dan Wise (Bartender's Bible, Women, Thin Man) on guitar and vocals.

Chrome Yellow, recorded by Rafter Roberts (Bunky, Free Stars), offers six original songs by the band and five remixes by friends Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession/Three Mile Pilot), Jimmy Lavalle (Tristeza, Album Leaf), Telefon (Billy Sprague of Rocket Racer records) and Rafter Roberts. Fans shared that they thought KMT sounded like Joy Division, Suicide, Wire, The Fall, Neu!, Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground, Silver Apples, Can and Pere Ubu.

Songs on 'Chrome Yellow'
1. Liason
2. Stronger toys
3. Lawn
4. Travelling Salesman Dilemma
5. Lawn (re-mix by Pall Jenkins)
6. Liason (re-mix by Jimmy Lavalle)
7. Travelling Salesman Dilemma (re-mix by Telefon)
8.Stronger Toys (re-mix by Rafter and Emily)
9. Liason (re-mix by Pall Jenkins)
10. This is your master!

1. "Nicoteens" (12 song cassette)
2. Difficult EP 7” (Kat Records)
3. The Notorious Chicken Cassette/CD
4. Happy First CD (Bad Ice Cream)
5. Chrome Yellow CD (Silver Girl)
6. "I Require Chocolate" 7" (GSL)
7. "Skin's Getting Weird" 12"/CD (GSL)
8. The Garbageman and the Prostitute CD (GSL)