SG-011 - 'Toothlesss' b/w 'Motormouth; 7"
*released on 5/16/94, 205 pressed on burgundy vinyl, 302 on black vinyl

SG-014 - 'Motor Mouth' (4-track demo version) on Jet'aime, Silver Girl Compilation

SG-022 - 'Squeeze' on Mon Ami, A Silver Girl Collection cassette

Having purchased all of their self-released vinyl (on Heparin), we contacted Jeff Toste (bass, vocals), Roger Foley (guitar) and drummer John Masterson to produce a single. At this time other labels were also soliciting the Providence, RI trio for singles and album releases - which is how 'Motor Mouth' was included in their 90-95 CD, a collection of their 7" singles.

Jeff and Roger formed Laurels around 1990. Jeff Toste launched his Detroit Rebellion project in 2013.

Partial Discography
The Laurels 7" (Heparin)
Neck LP (Heparin)
Burn 7" (Heparin)
Hate Me 7" (Heparin)
All Seeing Eye 7" (Constant Change)
Toothless 7" (Silver Girl)

Split 7" with Von Ryan's Express
90-95 CD (Dot Dot Dash)
L CD (Thick)