Red Dye No. 5

SG-020 - Fuzzbomb 7"
'Head Phuck' b/w 'Pigeon'

SG-041 - Fort Apache Sessions LP

Between 1993-1996, Red Dye No.5 was a highly regarded San Diego noise-pop quartet comprised of Lisah Nicholson (vocals), Patrick Padilla (guitar), James Reader (bass) and Scott Frazier (drums).

Shortly after forming, Red Dye No.5 recorded their first demo at Hit Single Studios in El Cajon. A close friend of the band, Gary Strickland, shared it with Silver Girl. Within weeks the Fuzzbomb single came out (on April 1, 1995).

Shortly thereafter our friend, Mike Toy, then released their second single on his label Candy Floss Records and the band began to tour - playing shows with Hula Hoop, Versus, The Swirlies and the Raymond Brake among many others.

'Red Dye' signed to Flip Records who sent them out to record with Tim O'Heir at Fort Apache Studios in Cambridge, MA in 1996. Following the recording and mixing sessions, the band imploded.

Patrick would move to Los Angeles and perform with Black Songs. James and Scott formed Dewey Defeats Truman. Lisah fronted AM Vibe.

Two decades after its recording, Fort Apache Sessions serves as a retrospective of a band on the verge.

Fuzzbomb 7" (Silver Girl)
Not Again You 7" (Candy Floss)
'Redo' on Pop American Style compilation
'Heart of Glass' on Attack of the Terrible Boots compilation (Mint Sound)
'Hope' on Pure Spun Sugar compilation (Candy Floss / American Pop Project)