SG-035 - New Strategies are Necessary, This is Not Solid Ground CD

Following the break-up of HyperAttractive, Slowcoach formed to devote even more energy into both the spastic and quiet nature of their music. Soon after their 7" single on Furball was released, they began to realize the power harnessed within Slowcoach ideas, and from that an album was the next logical step.

Initially, Slowcoach were spread out across central California, yet Bob, Danny and Peter worked tirelessly to write, record and tour despite the geography. Robert Reich would record 4-tracks of his song ideas and those tapes and CDRs were shared with Peter and Danny prior to arranging practice sessions in one of the cities Slowcoach called home.

The first tapes sent to the label mailbox included hand-drawn covers, and hand-written j-cards with dozens of songs outlined the productivity of these fiery songwriters.

New Strategies are Necessary, This is Not Solid Ground was an effort in culling through a dense catalog of song ideas and then putting them together as a debut album. Between the label and the band members, we wrote, e-mailed and phoned one another for weeks dissecting the dozens of songs that audiences had responded well to over the previous months.

Robert Reich - vocals, guitars, keys
Daniel Nicholson - drums
Peter Harb - bass, vocals

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