SG-006 Gapeseed Flanzer 7"

SG-007 Gapeseed 'Sarah's Witch' VHS single

SG-014 - 'Thunder Tongue' on Jetaime, Silver Girl Compilation cassette compilation

SG-015 Gapeseed Lo Cell CD

SG-022 - 'Grfiting Ballistic' on Mon Ami, A Silver Girl Collection cassette compilation

SG-026 Gapeseed Project 64 CD

SG-027 - 'Ceci Nes Spasm Pipe' on Amour, A Silver Girl Sampler cassette compilationion

Being described as "...dissonant, detuned and beautiful..." can not illuminate a band’s style to those who have not yet witnessed the sound Gapeseed produced. After spending some time with their CD Project 64, such words may become part of a new vocabulary used to describe the brilliant songcraft contained within. Project 64’s eleven songs are a departure from previous recordings as well as recording processes. Gapeseed songs (if they can be properly referenced as such) never follow formulaic parameters in a verse-chorus-verse fashion, but instead they evolve along nervous, twisting, and frenetic paths.

Built on friendships that began in pre-teen day camps and junior high school Latin classes, this trio of New Yorkers began assembling into Gapeseed in the years following college. By 1994 the band had begun touring in their van, released their debut album and a handful of assorted tracks found their way on to compilations and singles.

As Gapeseed continued to write, record and tour, their style distilled inventive song structures. Melodies and odd rhythms follow each other in rapid succession, but the songs stay firmly rooted in crushing, emotional, schizophrenic rock. While many of their songs lack repetition and move episodically from part to part, an undercurrent of connecting themes and chords ties things together.

For Project 64, Gapeseed embarked on several new ventures. Instead of recording, and mixing themselves, Gapeseed traveled to Chicago, IL hiring Bob Weston (Volcano Suns, Shellac) for his studio expertise. Mr. Weston recorded much of Project 64 live-in-the-studio with few overdubs, effects, processing or mistake corrections. Gapeseed took the tapes back to New York City for their own manipulation.

Project 64 saw the band engage Sandra Gardner’s (of Poem Rocket) vocals in “Real Time Morning” - a song that itself embodies Gapeseed’s unique style of song construction. The song is actually two separate chapters detailing one man’s separate and unique moods - each chapter defined by separate vocalists and separate melodies.

In “Electroshock Oracle,” Peter Gordon dusted off an old analog synth, sunk a microphone into the body of an aging piano and again, created a song whose ending mood is distinctly different from where it began.

For Project 64, Gapeseed engaged artist Doug Kolk to create a set of characters to interact with each other - thus creating a new dimension in which Proiect 64 resides alone.

Ed Feldman: guitar & voice
Peter Gordon: drums
Mike Knowlton: bass & voice

1993 Flanzer 7” (Silver Girl Records)
1994 “Thunder Tongue” on Jet’aime, A Silver Girl Compilation
1994 Lo Cell CD (Silver Girl Records)
1995 “Grifting Ballistic” on Mon Ami, A Silver Girl Collection
1996 split 7” with Gerling (Stillwater Trading)
1996 “Ceci N’es Spasm Pipe” on Amour, A Silver Girl Sampler
1997 Project 64 CD