FANBOY Movie Soundtrack (2x12" Double LP and Download*)

FANBOY Movie Soundtrack (2x12" Double LP and Download*)

FANBOY Movie Soundtrack (2x12" Double LP and Download*)

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Released: June 19th, 2021


When we first heard that our friends at the world famous San Diego rock club The Casbah were behind the production of FANBOY -- a low-budget indie-rock thriller -- chock full of our favorite local musicians and with a soundtrack packed with a ton of our favorite local bands, how could we NOT want to be involved? Silver Girl had just recently made the decision to re-launch the label, and this project seemed like a no-brainer. A quick Zoom meeting with movie director Ben Johnson later, and it was a full go! Silver Girl and Gnarlsberg Productions owe a HUGE "thank you" to all the bands and labels that signed off on the project! It's been a blast to develop, and now we present to you, the official soundtrack (OST) to the movie! 

An instant classic, the official FANBOY (2021) Movie Soundtrack initial pressing is on very special blood-stained colored vinyl, limited to 250 copies. Includes download card.

Don't forget to pick up a copy of the accompanying XENOS 7"! 

Or get the FANBOY SUPERFAN BUNDLE that includes the soundtrack, the maxi-single, and a pair of bloody FANBOY drumsticks

Don't forget to screen FANBOY now, on Amazon Prime

Subsequent pressings will be on black vinyl.

*Download may not include all songs per band's labels. 

Track Listing:

  1. Hot Snakes ‘Hatchet Job’
  2. Death Eyes ‘Si la revancha fuera una opcion’
  3. Big Business ‘Focus Pocus’
  4. Red Fang ‘Malverde’
  5. Tourettes Lautrec ‘Saturn’s Children
  6. Havnauts ‘Not Not Mutual’
  7. Miniaturized ‘Miniaturized’
  8. Bartenders Bible ‘Sao Paulo’
  9. Scary Pierre ‘Run’
  10. Manuok ‘Jacob’s Ladder’
  11. Mr. Tube ‘No Echo’
  12. Tulpa Luna ‘Hollow’
  13. Hexa ‘The Trees’
  14. The Black Heart Procession ‘The Waiter #7’
  15. Milky Wayne ‘Demented’
  16. Hostile Combover ‘Go It Alone’
  17. The Marsupials ‘Black Cloud’
  18. The Long & Short Of It ‘All That Shit’s Real’
  19. Agonista ‘Descontrol’
  20. Crime Desire ‘They Starved The Poor’
  21. The Cherry Valence ‘Foxy Cock Boxer’
  22. Tourettes Lautrec ‘Blood and Glass’