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Silver Girl Records

Silver Girl Records are proudly distributed to record stores through Midheaven. Can't find our titles in your local record store? Help us fix that! Tell the buyer to order through Midheaven!

Silver Girl Records was established in 1992 offering its first releases in 1993. From its inception the label focused both on local bands (releasing music by Everready, Buck 09, Fluf, Red Dye No.5, AM Vibe, Dewey Defeats Truman and Kill Me Tomorrow) as well as bands from near (Placentia, California's Retriever and The Summer Hits from Orange County) and far (New York City's Ruby Falls and Gapeseed for example) as we toured with the bands (Track Star opening up for a Stereolab tour was a highlight!) and met a lot of great musicians and fans along the way.

Keith York established the label, and worked with his closest friend since high school, Paul Piskor (picture above with Keith and Track Star), through the 1990s. Between 1997-2000, Keith invested himself in spinning records and collaborating with DJs and producers. Releasing electronic music on two labels – Curious Electricity (San Diego’s Wad Squad and Baltimore’s Downslide) and Intelligent Recordings’ (Los Angeles’ THC; San Diegans Tom B., Kojak, and his own moniker Solid Liquid Gas; as well as UK producers Serpico, Utopian and Keltech).

Throughout these years, Keith produced a fanzine, Silver Boy, which matured into Mod Magazine. Scanning across Silver Girl's releases you will see a handful of street addresses and a PO Box we rented for much of the time. These locations and the band members all bring back fond memories – especially as we remain in contact after all these years.

Silver Girl went on hiatus for a number of years and was revived with releases by Red Dye No.5 and Dewey Defeats Truman in 2016. In 2021, the label relaunched with the help of James Reader (the bassist for both Red Dye No.5 and Dewey Defeats Truman). A long time friend, a huge fan of indie rock and the label itself, James was also the driving force behind the hugely successful progressive website Reverb Press, a web-based publication which was reaching millions of people weekly before its untimely demise. James brings with him an enthusiasm and determination to help Silver Girl reach new audiences and new heights. 

Though a great deal has changed in the last decades of releasing vinyl in small batches and bands touring without booking agents, we hope to shine a spotlight on music we are fans of, bands we admire, and release music into the world. We plan to continue to release recordings via vinyl, cassette and compact disc, as well as on platforms like Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music. With the hope that each physical release will become a unique keepsake, we also intend for the downloaded and streamed equivalents will introduce you to new artists.

Please reach out with a question, a request, or to share your music in hopes we can collaborate on releasing it via Silver Girl.

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