Sometimes, What's the Difference? Redux (Double LP or CD)

Sometimes, What's the Difference? Redux (Double LP or CD)

Sometimes, What's the Difference? Redux (Double LP or CD)

Track Star
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SG-043 LP
Released: July 16th, 2021


San Francisco's Track Star was a band of legend. Their energetic live shows and relentless schedule helped the band build a rabid fanbase, and the band was a regular at the annual Noise Pop Festival. 

Silver Girl Records painstakingly sifted through a ton of limited release and unreleased material to bring you this very special collection. 

Both the CD and LP are being released in an initial limited edition of 300 each. The 180-gram 2x12" double-LP of remastered songs comes in an edition of 100 copies each in 3 different vinyl color variants of blue, hunter green, and burgundy. The LP's amazing gatefold package, and the Compact Disc's gorgeous six-panel Digipack were both designed by our friend Mark Robinson from Teen Beat/Unrest/Air Miami/Flin Flon.

The LP includes a download code.

* OFFICAL RELEASE DATE: July 16th, 2021. 

Track Listing:

1. Bad Time (from 'Sometimes...' 10")
2. The View from Space (from 'Sometimes...' 10")
3. The Worst Of It (from 'Sometimes...' 10")
4. Burn Down the Bed (from 'Sometimes...' 10")
5. Narrow Escape (from 'Sometimes...' 10")
6. Number One (from 'Sometimes...' 10")
7. From Where You Are (from 'Sometimes...' 10")
8. True Crime (from 'Sometimes...' 10")
9. Sucked Down (from 'Sometimes...' 10")
10. No Big Deal (from debut 7")
11. Push It (from debut 7")
12. The View From Space (1994) (previously unreleased)
13. Racing Fan (previously unreleased)
14. My Only One (previously unreleased)
15. The Overextension of an Idiot (from Mon Ami cassette)
16. Stars (from Sexacute cassette)
17. The Big Fuck You (1995) (from Sexacute cassette)
18. Southern California Vacation (from Sexacute cassette)
19. Payback (1995) (from Sexacute cassette)
20. We Know (from Sexacute cassette)
21. Silver Suit (from Superwinners Summer Rock Academy CD)
22. Cashed Out (from split 7" with Kid Dynamo)
23. August (from split 7" with Kid Dynamo)
24. Removable Parts (from Removable Parts 7")
25. The View from Space (1998) (from Removable Parts 7")
26. Make with The Traps (from Ten Years of Noise Pop 1993-2002 CD)
27. The Chord (from The Chord 7")
28. Green to Gold (2003) (from The Chord 7")